Attention Voucher Purchaser

We regret to inform you that your travel voucher cannot be redeemed at this time. Unfortunately, although you may have paid Groupon and/or Resort Stays Marketing (Charles Thompson) for your voucher, we have not been paid per our service agreement. Obviously, it is not possible for us to service vouchers under an agreement that has been breached.

After repeated payment delinquencies and extensive collection attempts, we have been forced to initiate legal action to resolve this matter. In the event we are successful resolving this matter, we will recommence servicing vouchers.

Please note: This issue has nothing to do with any destination hotel or resort property, as those properties are not a party to the breached agreement. This issue is a direct result of the voucher service agreement with Resort Stays Marketing (Charles Thompson) being breached by Resort Stays Marketing (Charles Thompson).

We regret any inconvenience this may cause to purchasers.